Enchanted Pass
All Enchanted Creatures NFTs include the ‘Enchanted Pass’
Every holder of an Enchanted creature will have the Enchanted Pass, it will provide a lot of different benefits.
This pass will grant access to the Enchanted Creatures Club on Decentraland, where every holder will be able to visit the Galapagos Islands on the Metaverse. The Enchanted Pass will also give access to the white-list tickets for all the upcoming collections.
The idea is that holders continue to be part of this ambitious project. The execution of the environment in the Metaverse consists of a space for interaction between all holders, where different ideas can be put forward. From initiatives to improve the enchanted islands, such as coastal cleanups or conservation plans, to proposals for new releases of NFTs. Our community seeks to expand as much as possible and for that we need your help.
Another important fact is that we will be having sporadic 1 ETH giveaways. You will only need to be an Enchanted Creature holder to be part of this offer.
Also, holders will be allowed to participate in a raffle in which 50 holders will receive touristic packages in Galapagos valued at $2.000.
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