How is this project helping Galapagos Islands?
We have stablished that the 70% of our sales and resales, will be destined to Galapagos.
We´re focusing on two main types of donations:
  1. 1.
    To help specialized NGOs, like Charles Darwin Foundation, one of the most important organizations on the archipelago. We have already signed a contract with them, and we are also supporting Fundación Scalessia and constantly in contact with local NGOs to expand our help.
  2. 2.
    To accelerate the local economy, which means to reactivate the tourism in Galapagos. We´re visibilizing the Enchanted Islands to the world and giving redeemable tokens for the Darwin Pass owners.
This way, we connect the conscious people that really care from Galapagos around the world with the organizations that can take real action in the Enchanted Islands. You don´t have to be the president or a minister anymore, if you want to save this beautiful ecosystem you just have to join the Enchanted Creatures Club.
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