Our dream, our ultimate goal: a decentralized autonomous archipelago.
The GalaDAO is still on process, we are just giving the first steps with the Enchanted Creatures´Club project.
If we want to really solve the problems, we should give more authority to the NGOs and the experts that live and work in Galapagos. A centralization in wrong hands is very dangerous, even more when we analyze the case of the Enchanted Islands.
For now, it is all a dream but we believe in this idea and the potential it has for giving more autonomy to the community and the positive impact it can generate on the organizations that take care of the species that dwell on the archipelago.
Governance tokens for the local community, more collections of NFTs to fund new initiatives, innovation on the touristic experiences and a decentralized way for solving the problems... yes, it might sound too idealistic but we know we can make it.
It is a process that might take months or years, but we´re here for the long run. Hope you can join us and be part of this.
What have we done so far? We are in constant meetings with our stakeholders, and reaching ministers and authorities. Some of them see this possible, other think it is necessary. We are here to keep pushing and developing the tools for a decentralized Galapagos.
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