Charles Darwin Pass
One hundred NFTs that will help reactivate the tourism. We explain how this works and how to redeem it if you won one in this section.

How does the Charles Darwin Pass works?

Being a such a delicate ecosystem, farming and most industrial activities is seriously restricted in Galapagos, making tourism its main economic income (actually, 90% of the islanders work on the tourism industry).
Nowadays, due to the COVID-19 lockdown and the lack of visitors as a consequence, the tourism in the islands requires a faster reactivation strategy.
That´s why we have partnered with some tourism agencies, such as Grupo Santa Fe and Galapagos A La Carte. You can check their sites here:
Galapagos A La Carte:
Those companies will provide the touristic packages that will be redeemable for the lucky holders. We have already pre-saved 100 packages with flexible dates for the next 2 years, each of them valued in almost $6.000.
You can see the type of experiences they include in this pdf:
Charles Darwin Pass Packages.pdf
While we´re providing our community with some tangible benefits, we´re helping to accelerate the economic reactivation that the Archipelago requires with this capital injection we will make in a short term.
Also, we´re talking with the Tourism Chamber of Galapagos because we´re aiming to expand the offers that we will include as benefits for the club members, so the Enchanted Creatures can help more local workers. For now, we start with these two, but for future airdrops and raffles, we will bring more partners into the project.

How to redeem the Charles Darwin Pass?

If you got one of the golden creatures, this means you are able to redeem it for a 4-night experience in Galapagos. The steps you need to follow are described bellow:
  • First, you need to get into our private Charles Darwin Pass chat in Discord. Just say hello and we´ll proceed to help you.
  • Then, we will verify that you are the actual holder of the Golden Token. Therefore you´ll need to connect your wallet for authentication.
  • We will need the passports of the 2 persons going to the trip and the dates that your flight will arrive. Also your email so we can send you all the instructions.
  • Once the reservations are completed, we will send them to your email.
  • You will have to present the token in your wallet once you arrive to the Galapagos Islands.
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How does the Charles Darwin Pass works?
How to redeem the Charles Darwin Pass?