Recent Updates
This section will be updated regularly to provide a resource for users to learn about recent Strudel developments.
Notes: Medium articles linked in titles. Newest updates are listed first.

The Strudel “Nameless” Fund

Like our current index funds (Mare Imbrium Fund, Strudel NFT Index Fund), the new “Nameless” Fund is an auto-rebalancing Balancer smart pool. The Nameless Fund currently features four assets with a weight of 25% each; TRDL, vBTC, Strudel NFT Index BPT tokens, and DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) tokens While you cannot stake for incentives at this point in time, we will be launching this feature soon.

Strudel R&D Update: The NFT Edition

The Strudel NFT Index has just been launched as the newest addition to the growing line of Strudel utilities. We have created and added liquidity to a Balancer pool that auto-rebalances to hold even amounts (25%) of vBTC and the fractionalized versions of $PUNK, $BAYC, and $COOL. Furthermore, a Strudel NFT Index yield farm on Strudel Farms has been created to further increase the incentive for providing liquidity to the index. The current rate is set at 9.09% of TRDL rewards (at base rate: ~545.4 TRDL/day)

Strudel R&D Update: Uniswap v3 liquidity mining incentives for wBTC-vBTC are here!

  • Covenants has come out with general-purpose farming contracts for Uni V3. Their implementation has several unique features which will be of service for our protocol’s use case. Through Covenants, we will be issuing 1000 TRDL per day for the next 30 days for the vBTC-wBTC Uni V3 pool as our first farming schedule.

Strudel’s Mare Imbrium Fund: The Guide

A complete introduction and guide to the new Mare Imbrium Fund, a low-risk, high-reward, self-supporting, auto-balancing Balancer smart pool. The Mare Fund is composed of all Strudel assets, vBTC, vBCH, and TRDL, a stablecoin in oneVBTC, deflationary TWA/ETH LP tokens, and wETH.

Strudel Update: Perfectly Balanced… as All Things Should Be

Strudel Liquidity Incentive Revision (SLIR)

Update: Phase 1.1 of the Strudel Liquidity Incentive Revision was activated on May 20th, 2021. Phase 2.0 will be activated in Q3.

Strudel Funding Proposal

Update: The Strudel Funding Proposal passed and minting of 250,000 TRDL was performed on June 17, 2021.

Strudel x Cometh Partnership and Polygon (Matic) Integration

To further Strudel’s cross-chain expansion, TRDL and vBTC have been mapped to the Matic blockchain and has partnered with, a fun and original game allowing players to collect, trade, and earn tokens from ERC-20 protocols. TRDL and vBTC are now available to trade and pool on Matic and an ETH-Matic bridge is available. More links are provided below.