Strudel Bitcoin Cash (vBCH)
The second engine to Strudel, Strudel Bitcoin Cash (vBCH), is minted at 1:1 when Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is bridged through the Strudel protocol to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This L2 solution provides dramatically improved gas fees for claiming bridged tokens as well as Strudel Token (TRDL) incentives for early adopters. This solution will eventually be incorporated on all prior and future Strudel bridges. Furthermore, a native BSC-ETH bridge has recently been implemented to bring minted vBCH and TRDL back to Ethereum where they can be reap the benefits of decentralization. This BSC-ETH bridge is another checkmark for Strudel’s goals to expand cross-chain for interoperability, a fantastic utility in its own right. This application allows for investors to bridge funds on ETH to BSC through vBCH and TRDL, and vice versa. Recently developed pools/funds have allowed for investment of vBCH on Ethereum, and its utility will continue to expand on Ethereum and other blockchains. Think of vBCH as “Bitcoin Cash with benefits”.
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