Strudel Bitcoin (vBTC)
The first engine to Strudel, Strudel Bitcoin (vBTC), is minted at 1:1 (plus Strudel Token incentives) when Bitcoin (BTC) is bridged in a 100% trustless manner through the Strudel protocol to Ethereum. vBTC can also be swapped just like any other token on Ethereum and now can be traded and pooled on Polygon (Matic) as well. Currently multiple incentivized pools and funds exist for vBTC on both Ethereum and Polygon (see below). Plans for the ability to lend and collateralize vBTC will also be implemented in the near future, making it an even more valuable and relevant asset to own in this dawning age of decentralized finance. The archaic strategy of holding Bitcoin without a way to make capital work for the holder is a thing of the past. vBTC allows holders to make their capital work for them. By combining the benefits of Bitcoin with the benefits of decentralization, and while doing so in a uniquely secure and trustless manner, vBTC can be thought of as “Bitcoin with benefits”.
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