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Mare Imbrium Fund index token (Mare)
The Mare Imbrium Fund is a Balancer smart pool with six assets weighted at 16.67% each. This fund includes three Strudel assets, the deflationary TWA token, ETH, and a stablecoin. The assets represented by the Mare token (with main liquidity sources linked) are as follows:
Note: Since TWA/ETH LP tokens are one of the six assets in the Mare Fund, you could also say that ETH makes up 25% of the index and TWA makes up 8.34%.
The Mare Imbrium Fund is a highly undervalued and low-risk index fund that gives exposure to the Strudel ecosystem while also being supported with ETH, a stablecoin, and the deflationary TWA token. Investment of one asset (single-sided liquidity) provides demand for the other five tokens through arbitrage rebalancing inherent in these types of smart pools.
Complete information regarding the Mare Imbrium Fund can be found in the Mare Imbrium Fund Guide here.​
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