Welcome to Strudel

Welcome to Strudel: The Guide

What is Strudel?

Strudel is a reserve currency on Fantom, that will pose as a proxy for the growing Spirit ecosystem. Our main goal is to acquire sizeable positions in the best protocols on the network, allowing us to grow our treasury and protocol.
It is powered by the governance token, Strudel Token (TRDL), Strudel allows BTC, BCH, and other assets to be utilized in the Ethereum and Polygon ecosystems to reap the benefits of liquidity mining, cross-chain arbitrage, and index funds with a goal to incorporate lending and collateralization in the near future.
By eliminating the need for custodial control of assets with typical wrappers, Strudel’s trustless protocol trades off counter-party risk for market risk while using market dynamics, crypto-economic incentives and cross-chain capabilities to maintain a pegged, scalable, and capital-efficient ecosystem. This one-of-a-kind economic approach offers average users and big money investors alike numerous options for monetary growth and grants more diversity and security to DeFi.

Why the Fantom Network?

We found Fantom's approach on continuous technical innovation and strong application layer foundations fascinating. Fantom is also a solid ecosystem, which has been rising even when Bitcoin was on its worst time, that's a clear sign that the market is aware of Fantom's potential. That's why we choose to launch on the Fantom, a new network with a fresh supply starting from zero.

What is the SpiritSwap gauge system?

At this very same moment, SpiritSwap if Fantom’s second largest DEX by volume and TVL. SpiritSwap is going to distribute farming rewards to its farms in a gauge system, where each week there will be a vote to do so, akin to Curve. Permanently acquiring voting power of such a protocol means being able to distribute increasing rewards on a certain farm. You might make your liquidity providers happy. Or you might use a part of this rewards to invest in more voting power and then get even more returns. And this is one of the main reasons why we Strudel Finance is launching on Fantom.

What is Ohmification?

The Ohm model allows a protocol to get treasury without downward pressure on the native coin it bargains with. Often, quite the contrary. The more a protocol gets in debt, the more treasury it got in the meanwhile. More treasury, increasing expectations for the future, or increasing yields for your stakers if those assets can even produce. We do not want to spend too many words about this topic, because it’s been already discussed everywhere enough. But we can tell you we’re adding a slight twist to the vanilla dynamics. Users will be able to lock, not stake, their tokens. Number one protocol dynamics meet number one tokenomics. Less circulating supply. More yields for the long term believers. You get the point.

What is Strudels long term vision?

Being able to bridge vBTC on a blockchain on a trustless way, needs consensus. The more people bridge, the more will be able to bridge The more it is used the better it keeps peg. After we’ll have acquired our sizeable positions in Spirit and/or other projects, we’ll introduce vBTC farms and direct yields to those. The permanently increasing demand will make vBTC price rise, even above peg. The bridging will come as natural arbitraging. People will bridge. A lot. And we’re building other strong use cases for vBTC, which is here to stay. Everywhere there is a pool with wrapped Bitcoins, there will be vBTC. And, most of the times, we’ll make it be the highest paying one. The finest choice.
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